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Business Development, Consulting and Technology Services Firm

We focus on building sustainable businesses and projects [from start to profitability]. Over the past 10 years, our singular focus has been enterprise-driven ideation, planning, incubation and execution of businesses & projects, carefully nurtured to bring growth and development to Africa.

In our consulting business, we work with our clients employing similar zeal in their businesses, services and projects as we do in ours. We recognize technology and the web as a major driver of global growth and so we leverage this in many of our activities.

What do we do?

Three main things:


What have we done?

We have Created Businesses, Managed Projects, Advised Clients on Starting or Growing their Business and used Technology [especially web and mobile applications] to Achieve Results Better & Faster

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We believe in partnering for success and this drives us to constantly engage our local and global partners across many of our projects from our travel assistant business to our Riby finance management app.

A glimpse of our products, projects, clients and partners.

Personal Finance

Food & Nutrition


Project Consulting in the Power Sector

Strategy Consulting in Financial Services

Mobile Applications


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We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on.